MaaS America has an all-volunteer Board of Advisors.  They are very special people because they do all the work!  The primary purpose of this group is quite broad: to ensure MaaS America thrives so it can meet its goals.  The volunteers below determine association policies and plans, as well as carry them out (we really sweat our assets here).  MaaS America benefits greatly from this dedicated group's broad industry knowledge and its enthusiasm about the role of mobility services in American society.

We're always looking for more great minds, so please reach out!


Willy Dommen

Willy Dommen, Director of Technical Services, is responsible for the delivery of Auriga’s portfolio for technology related services to clients such as, fare collection, payments, ITS, mobile applications and enterprise applications across all transportation clients.  Key areas of focus also includes connected transportation i.e., system integration architecture, fare payment solutions; autonomous vehicles and road tolling; all key elements of MaaS.  Regional Transportation Lead at Accenture, Willy focused on transforming transportation payments by educating conservative stakeholders of the value of moving to a digital platform and leveraging the power of IoT to improve the customer experience.  Transportation is a core vertical of smart cities, another key focus area was researching how payment data integrates with data from other smart city verticals to improve the everyday commute.  As a Principal at Booz Allen Hamilton, Willy Dommen led the development of mobile and smart card projects for 20 years. He was a key contributor on smart card, RFID and mobile payment assignments around the world, for both government and private industry, including work completed for MTC's Clipper program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mr. Dommen served as the hands-on advisor for the BART-Sprint mobile payment trial. He was also a leader for the Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 12 initiative for several federal government agencies. In addition, Mr. Dommen’s client and project lists include development of leading edge technology evaluation and strategy development for financial services companies, RFID strategy for global manufacturers of electronic systems. He continues to serve clients on strategic and technical issues related to mobile payments technology.  Mr. Dommen authors articles and presents internationally on strategy re electronic fare and mobile payment systems.


Rosa Rountree

Rosa is Chief Executive Officer of Egis Projects, Inc.  Rosa’s vast experience in the financial and customer service industries spans over thirty (30) years during which she held positions of Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, IT Director and Project Manager at various entities.  Specifically, Rosa has nearly twenty-five (25) years of substantial experience in tolling systems implementation, operation and maintenance, and has worked on over twenty toll projects in the US and Canada. She also has proven business acumen for resolving issues, sustaining business viability, managing cost structures, maximizing employee productivity, and delivering high-level quality results.  Rosa was a member of IBTTA Interoperability Steering Committee, chaired IBTTA's Interoperability Communication and Marketing Sub-Committee and Co-Chaired Vancouver’s IBTTA Annual Meeting.  She served on the TRB Executive Committee, IBTTA Board of Directors, the Pitt Meadows Economic Development Board, and Egis North America's PRB Board and was awarded Georgia WIS Transportation Women of the Year.  In addition to her role on the MaaS America Advisory Committee, Rosa currently serves on the TEAMFL Advisory Council, IBTTA Council of Platinum Sponsors (COP) and IBTTA Foundation and serves on COPs Security and MaaS Work Groups.


Brian Stein

Brian Stein is Vice President and National Practice Manager, Fare Collection at Intueor Consulting, Inc.  Brian brings over 20 years of transit Automated Fare Collection and Parking Systems experience from Jacobs/CH2M, Accenture, Scheidt & Bachmann USA, Inc. and Giesecke & Devrient America.  His experiences include Project Management, Business Process Review, Sales and Marketing, and Business Development coupled with 10 years of h/w s/w engineering experience.  Over his 20 years, he’s developed a subject matter expertise in defining and implementing Automated Payment and Fare Collection Systems for the Public Transportation Industry, including mobile and payment technologies.  Brian has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University and an MBS from Northeastern’s High Tech MBA program.  Prior to entering the transportation industry, he spent a decade in various industries such as communications, lottery & gaming systems, and aerospace, writing firmware and device drivers for various embedded systems.  Brian has served as vice-chair for APTA’s UTFS Contactless Fare Media Standard (CFMS) working group which developed critical elements of the CFMS specification.  He is a past board member of the Massachusetts Association of Regional Transit Authorities.  He supports various APTA committees, including Fare Collection Systems, Research & Technology and Mobility Management.  Recently, Brian served as Treasurer for the Secure Technology Alliance (STA) and is an active member of STA and serves on its Executive Council. 

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Tim McGuckin

Combining a long-standing interest in transportation policy, mobility technology and urban systems with support from mobility sector colleagues and mentors, Tim co-founded MaaS America with a longtime colleague and fellow mobility advocate Jack Opiola.  Tim served as the organization's Executive Director for 2 years.  The two created MaaS America as a place to talk openly about MaaS and advance a framework that reflects America's history, culture and geography.  During his 2+ decades in transport, Tim has played lead roles at companies and non-profit issue-based groups. His time in the private sector at A-to-B USA, GeoToll and Leidos confirmed the importance of financial motives and incentives as drivers of the continuous innovation needed to create services people want.  His years at non-profits such as OmniAir, ITSA and IBTTA gave him a unique grasp of the perspectives and pain & pride-points of public sector operators, as well as an appreciation for and ability to marshal and build effective cooperative efforts.  Tim & Jack saw that among the current associations in the US, none were focused specifically on Mobility as a Service, or were advancing MaaS in terms of serving and advancing the unique American form of mobility.  Tim reports that he always enjoyed cities and grew to appreciate urban built environments and how they worked during his stint as a historic renovation worker in Philadelphia.  He took this interest to Virginia Tech where he earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Urban Planning.


Andy Boenau, AICP

Andy Boenau, AICP believes mobility is freedom.  He is passionate about expanding shared mobility platforms as a way for people to live happier, healthier lives. Andy has been working in the transportation industry for 22 years. His experience includes traffic engineering, multi-modal planning, transit hub planning, transit oriented development, app-based transportation, and mobility as a service. He has taught thousands of planners and engineers to pair new technologies with old philosophies to improve the safety and vitality of transportation systems. He’s a published author, has produced three award-winning short films, an award-winning podcast, and several digital courses. His contributions to the industry have also been acknowledged by Engineering News-Record (Top 20 Under 40, 2016) and Style Weekly (Top 40 Under 40, 2016).  Andy is chair of the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ Transportation Planning Council, a group of nearly 2,000 professionals focused on the intersection of mobility and technology. He is also vice chair of American Planning Association’s New Urbanism Division.


"Management is about arranging & telling.  Leadership - that which comes from the Board - is about nurturing and enhancing."

Tom Peters