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Your participation is key to keeping the MaaS community's voice heard in these complex times.  Strong membership support raises the profile for you and all organizations supporting the Mobility as a Service sector.  This will give MaaS America a strong platform and a rightful place in the “integrated-mobility agenda,” locally and nationally as MaaS America looks to advance the future of mobility in accordance with the principles of its members.

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Your support also enables MaaS America to develop and offer a range of events and services that impact you and your organization, such as webinars, podcasts, evaluations, policy workshops and annual conferences and exhibitions.

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Many organizations work in isolation in their own regions, modes and sectors, with the world moving and evolving all around them. Imagine instead the benefits of connecting to a network of mobility stakeholders experiencing similar challenges and opportunities, and the MaaS sector as a whole.  As part of MaaS America, you get the invaluable experience of being able to share, demonstrate and troubleshoot ideas and solutions and celebrate your achievements with like-minded people, while creating national impact and systemic change.

MaaS America Proposition

Today, people expect mobility services to mirror what they experience everywhere else in their increasingly smart and integrated lives.  They want highly personalized experiences, seamless journeys and trouble-free payment.  They want to use different modes of transport, both public and private, that reflect their unique preferences for convenience, speed, arrival time and cost.


Mobility as a Service is the answer, and MaaS America is intent on helping to realize it. 


Governments seek MaaS because MaaS helps them sweat their public assets and deliver better services, more cost-effectively, and without the need for bespoke solutions.  They will have to increasingly work with non-traditional partners from both the public and private sectors to do this though. 


The Private Sector seeks MaaS as advances in key technologies and consumer expectations make mobility services a huge financial opportunity.  Without that profit motive, the willingness to risk, invent, innovate and offer services people want goes away.  But private goals must balance with public goals or else the MaaS ecosystem will not deliver it's full potential.

MaaS America is a forum to create that balance. 


MaaS is a global trend, but it will need to be tailored to regional and local needs.  America’s geography, legacy infrastructure, culture and social habits demand a unique approach.  Just as MaaS deployments in in the US will be different, MaaS America stands outside traditional transportation organizations.  It is not a transport group.  It is a mobility organization, emphatically multi-modal and technology-agnostic.  It will focus on shaping MaaS in ways that advances the American form of mobility.

MaaS America Welcomes...

...transportation operators, start-ups, TNCs, auto OEMs, mobile network operators, payment service providers, planners, academia, MPOs, big data, travel & tourism, rental companies, banks, futurists, urbanists and all who have a stake in MaaS.

Associate Members are the operating component of MaaS America - the designers, builders and technical experts who inform and execute programs and products and ensure outputs reflect a balance of perspectives and experience.  Associates populate committees and can chair subcommittees and select task forces.  They are the SMEs and architects of efforts that benefit their communities, companies and themselves.

  • Lead subcommittees and special task forces.

  • Participate on special project contract teams.

  • Promote solutions and accomplishments through MaaS America channels and member newsletters.

  • Lead the tactical execution of MaaS America policy and advocacy directives.

  • Speak and moderate at MaaS America events.

  • Connect with peers and share access to MaaS American data, presentations and tools.

  • Present ideas and solutions via MaaS America webinars and other media.

Associate Member | Inform, Operate and Execute

Member Types & Benefits

MaaS America has two member categories open to public and private organizations & which enjoy core benefits 

Core Member Benefits

  • Exclusive receipt of MaaS America reports and publications, plus discounts on other MaaS America products and services.

  • Able to help plan sessions and speak or moderate at MaaS America events.

  • Discounted pricing to official MaaS America events.

  • Participation on MaaS America committees and special task force efforts.

  • Use MaaS America logo on your collateral and digital messaging.

  • Participation in MaaS America funded industry research.

  • Eligible to provide select MaaS America products and services. 

  • Savings on trade-show and exhibitor services at MaaS America Conference (MaaS-A-Con)

  • Eligible to submit content proposals for guest posts on MaaS America Blog & 'MobilityMatters' Podcasts

  • Eligible to submit speaking proposals for webinars.

  • 25% discount on MaaS America event sponsorship.

Executive Member | Strategy, Leadership and Facilitation

Executive Members are the management committee of MaaS American and in addition to making an additional financial contribution to the association, Executive Members may serve on the Board of Directors.  Executive Members set strategy and identify and inform MaaS America's major program efforts.  They may create and chair committees and special task forces.  They have fiduciary and advisory responsibility.  Executive Members the public face of MaaS America, and speak at industry events, write articles and editorials and represent it in public forums.  

  • Set Vision, Mission and Objectives

  • Ensure Effective Organizational Planning

  • Ensure Adequate Resources and Manage Resources Effectively

  • Determine and Monitor Products, Services and Programs

  • Enhance MaaS America's Public Image

  • Serve as a Court of Appeal

  • Assess Its Own Performance

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As you begin yours, know that MaaS America is beginning its own journey as an organization determined to make a measurable impact on society through the advancement of MaaS.  Please select members and payment options below.

2020 Inaugural Investment Levels

A member is any public or private business or organization operated by public or private individuals and can include Partnerships, Limited Companies, Corporations, Cooperatives, Franchises, and Charities, and; government agencies at all levels, academia (colleges and universities) and other select non-profit organizations.  Members may also be individuals.

Executive Member: $1500

Associate Member: $1000

Individual Member: $350

Ways to Pay

Payment by Check | Please make the check payable to "Mobility as a Service Association" and mail to:

Mobility as a Service Association, Inc.

1818 Library Street, Suite 500

Reston, VA 20190.


Payment by Wire Transfer/ACH | Please use the following information:

  • ABA/Routing Number: 056009246

  • Bank Name & Address: MainStreet Bank727 Elden St.Herndon, VA 20170

  • MainStreet Bank Phone Number: +1 (703) 481-4578

  • Recipient's (MaaS America's) checking account number: 2010080041

  • Name on recipient's account: Mobility as a Service Association

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