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MaaS America Pleased to Announce Charter Advisory Committee

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

MaaS America, Inc. a new non-profit association founded to advance a model of MaaS that reflects the American notion of mobility, is pleased to announce its charter Advisory Committee:

  • Timothy J. McGuckin, Founder, MaaS America

  • Scott McCormick, President, Connected Vehicle Trade Association

  • Rosa Rountree, Chief Executive Officer, Egis Projects, Inc.

  • Randell H. Iwasaki, P.E., Executive Director, Contra Costa Transportation Authority

  • Jason Barnes, Principal, Occam’s Envoy

  • Marc Pineda, PMP, CSM, Sec+, Certification Consultant

  • Mark D. Johnson, Esq., General Counsel, OmniAir Consortium, Inc.

  • Richard Wallace, Vice President, Center for Automotive Research (ret.)

  • Eric Redman, Vice President and Systems Lead, Parsons

  • Andy Boenau, Director of Mobility Strategy, Gotcha

  • Chandler Duncan, Managing Partner, Metro Analytics

  • John T. Flynn, Senior Sales Representative, First Data Government Solutions (FDGS)

  • Shel Leader, Principal, ITS/Communication

  • Roger Lanctot, Director, Automotive Connected Mobility, Global Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics

  • Bill Ruch, Principal, Bar2 Consulting

  • Willy Dommen, Director of Technical Services, Auriga

  • Brian Stein, VP & National Practice Manager, Fare Collection, Intueor Consulting, Inc.

(see bios at www.maasamerica.org/advisors)

About the MAAC

The MaaS America Advisory Committee (MAAC) is an all-volunteer group that provides strategic advice to MaaS America on matters ranging from association policies, programs and events to communications and operations. The Committee is informal in nature which gives the group greater flexibility in structure, management and unvarnished advice compared to a formal Board of Directors to be established later in 2019.

The MAAC is an assembly of seasoned mobility industry thought leaders who provide an incomparable wealth of skills and wisdom to MaaS America. “We are truly fortunate to have access to the MAAC’s experience and mentorship as we continue to define programs that guide the growth of Mobility as a Service. Their knowledge and innovative thinking are transforming what began as a concept into a solid and positive force in the MaaS community,” said Tim McGuckin, a transportation industry veteran and MaaS America’s founder.

“How we approach transportation is evolving,” states Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority. “We are excited to be part of an organization that is changing the dialogue about mobility and are looking forward to not only being involved in the discussion, but also delivering future solutions.”

About MaaS America

MaaS America was founded to advance an American form of Mobility as a Service that reflects the framework principles of inclusion, locally driven solutions, transparency, balance and the preservation of incentives that ensure continued invention and innovation. The non-profit association's agenda emphasizes policy workshops that address critical the high-level challenges to MaaS deployment and, more specifically, how a metro area’s unique assets, capabilities and needs will result in it's own unique form of MaaS, yet one that reflects the MaaS America Framework Principles.

To learn more about MaaS America, visit www.maasamerica.org, email connect@maasamerica.org, or call 571-315-1186.

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